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About me

I am a professional makeup artist and hairstylist specializing in bridal and photography. I have been in business since 2010 with experience working at salons, fashion shows, photo/video shoots, collaborations, and with private clients. Before the creation of MouMakeup, I started my journey as an artist with a passion for fine arts, focusing on painting, drawing, and sculptures. My work with different art mediums introduced me to the use of makeup at a young age. Besides my skills and experience, I have over 48 certifications in various areas related to beauty including hairstyling training by world renowned Georgiy Kot (georgiykot), makeup at InterDec College, and henna by Divya Patel (@hennabydivya).

Bridal Packages

All bridal packages are customized. Prices vary based on the desired look and services needed which may be discussed during a consultation. These packages do NOT include clothing, jewelry, makeup trials, henna, semi-permanent eyelash extensions, saree pleating/draping, flowers, accessories, ornaments, haircuts, hair-colour, hair wash, hair extensions, face/body paints, manicure, pedicure, gems/stickers, etc...

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Prices vary based on your profile and the look you want. Please send the following information for an accurate quote:

Include: hair length (shoulder, chest, waist, lower back), density (thick, normal, fine), texture (curly, wavy, straight), if you will be wearing hair accessories

Include: skin details and other relevant information